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About Us 

Sandie Markland began her journey as an artist in early 2000 after dedicating over 20 years to government service in the political arena on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.   Her first (and still favorite) artistic endeavor revolved around Stone Spirits, her original and unique faces carved from volcanic rock. 
Stone Spirit and Sea Witch

Pictured to the right is Sandie's very first Stone Spirit (rumored to resemble her husband, Pete) and a piece created for a local Artists’ Self-Portrait Exhibition in 2009.  The pair now resides happily in the couples’ garden.  

Beachcomber Pete Markland

Pete Markland devoted over 30 years to law enforcement in the Nation’s Capital and retired in May 2007. 

Since that time he has busied himself with fishing, beachcombing and helping out with Sandie’s live sale events. 


The family dog, Trooper, also helps out with beachcombing activities ...


Trooper and the Ghost Crab

although he is occasionally distracted by Ghost Crabs and other beach denizens!

Windswept Creations was formally established in the summer of 2008 to encompass and showcase Sandie's growing variety of artistic endeavors --- the newest of which is the collection of original photographic art note cards. 


Sandie Markland's Windswept Creations are carried
by these fine shops and galleries

Sea Glass Items

Glenn Eure's Ghost Fleet Gallery
Driftwood Street (Gallery Row)
Nags Head, North Carolina

That Art Place
104-A Sir Walter Raleigh Street 
Manteo, North Carolina 

The Elizabthan Gardens
1411 National Park Drive 
Manteo, North Carolina










Custom work and special requests are always welcome! 

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